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Leadership Talk Series

At NADP, we believe that learning extends beyond the classroom, and true leadership is cultivated through exposure to diverse perspectives and experiences. Our exclusive Leadership Talk Series brings together industry leaders, top bureaucrats, eminent academicians, and distinguished leaders from the armed forces to engage with PGDM students. This series serves as a platform for inspiration, knowledge-sharing, and mentorship, providing invaluable insights that go beyond the confines of textbooks

Industry Leaders

Our students have the unique opportunity to interact with visionaries and trailblazers in the corporate world. Industry leaders share their journeys, challenges, and triumphs, offering a real-world understanding of business dynamics and leadership principles. These talks not only inspire but also provide a practical understanding of the skills required to excel in the professional arena.

Top Bureaucrats

Leadership in government demands a unique set of skills and perspectives. Our students benefit from talks delivered by top bureaucrats who share their experiences in navigating the complexities of public administration. These insights are invaluable for those aspiring to contribute to the defense sector from within the government machinery.

Eminent Academicians

Academic excellence is a cornerstone of our program, and who better to guide our students than eminent academicians? The Leadership Talk Series includes speakers who bring a wealth of knowledge, sharing the latest trends, research, and academic perspectives in the field of defense management.

Leaders from Armed Forces

The armed forces instill discipline, courage, and a commitment to service. Leaders from the armed forces share their experiences, offering unique insights into strategic thinking, crisis management, and the critical role of leadership in defense operations. This firsthand knowledge enriches our students' understanding of the defense sector's intricacies

Transformative Experiences Await

Inspiration Beyond Books

Immerse yourself in talks that transcend traditional learning, providing inspiration and a broader understanding of leadership.

Mentorship Opportunities

Connect with accomplished speakers who may become mentors, guiding you on your journey to becoming a future leader in defense management

Networking Advantage

Build connections with leaders across industries, armed forces, and academia, expanding your professional network and opening doors to exciting opportunities.

At NADP, the Leadership Talk Series is not just an event; it's a pivotal component of our commitment to nurturing well-rounded leaders. Prepare to be inspired, challenged, and transformed as you engage with some of the most influential voices in the defense and corporate sectors. Your leadership journey begins here.

List of some recent speakers in the leadership talk series :

Eminent Academicians

Prof. Narushige Michishita, GRIPS Faculty, JAPAN


Mr A.K.Rath, IAS(Retd.), Former Secretary, Dept of School Education & Literacy , Ministry of HRD

Armed Forces

Mr. N. Raghuraman, INAS, (Retd.)

PSU Leaders

Mr BVN Prasad , Former CMD, CIL