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NADP ensures a comfortable educational experience with amenities like computer rooms, seminar halls in hostels, and a diverse menu catering to culinary preferences.

Learning Spaces

NADP features cutting-edge classrooms and a conference hall, fostering academic excellence and providing an ideal setting for meetings and idea exchange.

TEC-Knowledge Hub

The Technical Exhibits Centre (TEC) offers an immersive learning experience, showcasing OFB products and processes to enhance classroom learning

DMPC-Digital Innovation

The Digital Media Production Center pioneers digital learning with high-quality audio-visual content, empowering participants to learn at their own pace.

Utsav Hall

Inspirational Venue: Utsav Hall, transformed into a modern lecture theatre, serves as an inspirational space for up to 200 people, where every voice finds purpose.

Hostels-Comfortable Stay

Arjun House and Ajeya House offer well Appointed accommodation for up to 100 participants, blending comfort with a conducive learning atmosphere.

Computing Facilities-IT Hub

The computing lab with 35 high-end computers facilitates IT-oriented Management Development Programme (MDP) courses, connected through a dedicated LAN.

Library-Knowledge Repository

NADP's library, equipped with over large collection of books and e-resources, serves as a rich repository for diverse fields in Defence Technology and Management. Cr

Sports Complex-Wellness Hub

NADP's Sports Complex at PDFC provides facilities for badminton, tennis, basketball, volleyball, and a world-class gymnasium, promoting holistic well-being.