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To meet the evolving challenge, equipped with a vast and all-encompassing experience in defence manufacturing and management, NADP is nourishing an ecosystem for growth of defence industries in India. Therefore, to develop a pool of well-equipped, upskilled and adept managers, NADP has started AICTE approved 2-years Post Graduate Diploma in Management in Business Management (PGDM (BM)) with focus on defence industries.

PGDBM (BM) programme has been meticulously designed and crafted to meet the techno-managerial challenges of today’s defence industries.It has been specially designed for young graduates, working professionals, executives and business owners, to help them adapt and stay updated to the dynamic, fast-changing Defence Manufacturing landscape of today. It’s an opportunity to take-on a journey in defence manufacturing organization. The PGDM (BM) is open to all. Essential qualification is minimum 3 years Bachelor’s degree in any stream with at least 50% marks for general candidates and 45% marks for reserved category candidates. 10% seats will be allowed over and above the approved intake to accommodate reservation for EWS as per State Government Policy.

Program Objective

The PGDM (Business Management) program at NADP aims to cultivate strategic thinking, innovation, and ethical leadership, ensuring graduates are well-equipped to navigate the complexities of defence management to build Atma Nirbhar Bharat. Through a curriculum blending theory and practical application, mostly delivered through practitioners, we foster a bridge between academia and industry, providing a holistic education. The program focuses on developing leaders who exhibit leadership, adaptability, teamwork, discipline, ethical and a global perspective, contributing to the advancement of the defence industry and global security challenges.

The Learning outcome is focussed on the following areas
Business Environment and Domain Knowledge (BEDK)
Global Exposure and Cross-Cultural Understanding (GECCU)
Critical thinking, Business Analysis, Problem Solving and Innovative Solutions (CBPI)
Social Responsiveness and Ethics (SRE)
Effective Communication (EC)
Leadership and Teamwork (LT)

Target Audience

Shaping Future Leaders in Defense Management

At NADP, we believe that diversity fuels innovation, and leadership knows no boundaries. Our PGDM program with a defense specialization is tailored for a dynamic and varied group of individuals who share a common passion for excellence in defense management and nation-building.

Graduates Keen on Business Management in the Defense Sector

Are you a graduate with a vision for contributing to the defense sector's growth? Whether your background is in Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics (STEM), or if you bring creativity and determination from other disciplines, our PGDM program welcomes your unique perspective. We are committed to nurturing the next generation of leaders who can make a difference in defense production and other critical areas.

Service Officers from Indian Armed Forces

For those who have served in the Indian Armed Forces, our PGDM program offers a seamless transition into civilian leadership roles within the defense sector. Leverage your extensive experience and leadership skills to embark on a new chapter of professional growth, contributing your expertise to the broader landscape of defense management.

Officers of Central/State Govt. Departments and PSUs

If you're currently serving in Central or State Government departments or Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs), our program is designed to enhance your managerial capabilities specifically tailored for the defence domain. Broaden your skill set, gain a comprehensive understanding of defense operations, and position yourself for leadership roles that make a significant impact.

Executives from Private and Non-Profit Organizations

We welcome executives from private enterprises and non-profit organizations who are eager to channel their expertise into the defense sector. Our PGDM program provides a unique opportunity to apply business management principles in the context of defense, fostering innovation and collaboration for the collective benefit of our nation.

Why Choose NADP ?

Diverse Community

Join a community that values diversity of thought, background, and experience.

Cutting-edge Curriculum

Benefit from a curriculum crafted to bridge the gap between business management and the intricacies of the defense sector.

Cutting-edge Curriculum

Experience a holistic approach to leadership development, encompassing not only academic excellence but also practical skills and a sense of social responsibility.

Industry Connections

Connect with our extensive network of industry professionals, armed forces personnel, and alumni, opening doors to unparalleled opportunities

At NADP, we recognize the potential in each individual, and our PGDM program is designed to unlock that potential. Whether you come from a technical background, military service, government sector, or private enterprise, our doors are open to those ready to shape the future of defense leadership. Join us on this transformative journey where your aspirations meet limitless possibilities.


1. Techno-Managerial topics such as Technology Management & Innovation, Industry 4.0, Manufacturing Excellence

2. Policy and Practice related topics such as Strategy, Change Management, Corporate Governance and ESG

3. Defence specific areas such as Warfare and Land/ Naval /Air System, Security Studies, Defence Public Policy and Indian Security System, Defence Acquisition and Offset Management, International Marketing and Defence Export and IPR/ Rakshya Gyan Shakti

4. Emerging Areas such as Digital Transformation, Business Analytics, Cyber security, AI with Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Digital Marketing and Design Thinking

5. Personal Development areas such as Leadership, Stress Management, Diversity & Inclusion, Business Communication